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                More Events

                this is our blog

              1. Spring it on!

                Check out our top ideas and recommendations for the ultimate post-lockdown spring break in Durham.

              2. Love Durham Later

                Looking forward to brighter spring days and long summer nights? Stop dreaming and start planning the perfect staycation in Durham.

              3. Durham Discoveries: Beamish, The Living Museum of the North

                The doors of Durham’s historic attractions may be closed at the moment, but with our Durham Discoveries blog series, you can go behind the closed doors of Beamish, The Living Museum of the North and discover fascinating facts about their incredible collection.

              4. Spring Wonders

                Durham during springtime is a must-visit destination for all nature lovers, with so many natural and wildlife wonders to enjoy.  

              5. Spring it on!

                Check out our top ideas and recommendations for the ultimate post-lockdown spring break in Durham.

              6. Love Durham Later

                Looking forward to brighter spring days and long summer nights? Stop dreaming and start planning the perfect staycation in Durham.

              7. From Durham with love

                Searching for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during lockdown? Your usual romantic date night might be a little different this year, but you can make it just as special with our top ideas of ways to celebrate.   

              8. Festive Fun in Durham

                Whether you’re visiting Durham in person or online, there’s plenty of festive fun to be had across the county this December.  

              9. Love Durham Later

                Looking forward to brighter spring days and long summer nights? Stop dreaming and start planning the perfect staycation in Durham.

              10. Spring it on!

                Check out our top ideas and recommendations for the ultimate post-lockdown spring break in Durham.

              11. Autumn Getaways

                If you’re looking for the perfect Autumn getaway, Durham has a treasure trove of stays to choose from.

              12. this is social

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